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  • GW-200 (Epoxy Adhesive Primer)

    Two components epoxy for structural concrete application and bonding of old to new concrete. It has a low to medium viscosity, strong bond to substrate with minimum shrinkage and flexibility.

  • GS-210 (Epoxy Primer Clear)

    Two components epoxy coating of high grade resins and curing agents. It hardens to an abrasive resistant coating with high adhesive strength on substrate such as concrete, wood and steel. It is water permeable and has excellent resistance to oil, solvent, alkalis and most dilute acids.

  • GE-220 (Epoxy Floor Coating)

    Two components epoxy paint based used to provide protection on flooring as well as decorative coating on steel, wood and concrete surfaces. It is ideal for light pedestrian or light traffic such as garment factories, service station, restaurant and parking lot.

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  • GH-230 (Epoxy Flooring Compound)

    It is a two component modified epoxy coating designed for commercial and industrial floors when abrasive, chemical and impact resistance are of primary consideration. High performance, hardwearing and durable coating system with low maintenance cost, easily cleaned and improved hygiene in the environment.

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  • GP2-207 (Epoxy Injection Repair)

    Two components, low viscosity epoxy adhesive system for the repair of structural concrete to penetrate, fill, seal the voids, cracks, and even the hairline crack. It cures to a durable weather resistant bonding whether resistant bonding agent and restore the structural integrity of the damaged concrete.

  • GV-209 (Underwater Epoxy)

    It is an epoxy-amine type curing agent to cure at high humidity, low temperature (down to 5C) it has excellent chemical resistance and low water viscosity. It renders excellent adhesion even during damp and cold conditions.

  • GT-260 (Epoxy Tank Lining)

    It is a two-component epoxy coating formulated from high grade resins and cuing agents for heavy duty storage tanks. I hardens to an abrasive resistance to oil, alkalis, solvents and most dilute acids. When fully cured, it is seamless, waterproof and chemical resistant coating which is lead-free and non-toxic.

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  • Graco

    Gloscore Philippines brings the advance technologies of Graco tools and equipments here in the Philippines in order to attain efficient and quality outcome of jobs.

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