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  • Hydrosetter (Rapid Setting Mortar for Leak)

    is a dry powder that requires only additional water to produce an ultra rapid set plugging mortar. Perfectly designed for plugging running water where conventional mortars washed away. Excellent for sealing leaks at a very minimum time prior to the application of waterproofing in different areas. It also develops an excellent structural strength and water tightness from the concrete substrate.


    It is based on crystal formation throughout the pores and capillary cracks of concrete to withstand moisture from penetrating. It is also a protection against damp. Crystapruf is excellent for interior or exterior on below grade surfaces against concrete decay and waterborne corrosive salts.

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  • FLEXCOAT R-23 FLEX (Flexible Cementitious Membrane)

    Compose of two components modified flexible cementitious that undergoes chemical reaction after mixing to form a hard and elastic film which bonds grimly to the concrete substrate. The cured formula is flexible, durable, and weather resistant and has an excellent adhesion to almost any building substrate that requires PERMANENT SOLUTION TO STOP LEAKS. It is seamless and capable in bridging hairline cracks up to 2mm width.

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  • FLEXCOAT ANACRYL (Liquid Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane)

    It is single component water based liquid applied membrane inhibiting high flexibility and tensile properties on large roof wall areas. It can accommodate movement caused by extreme temperature changes and protect surface deterioration due to carbonation, acid or chemical attack or types of environmental pollution. It is used for both new and old roofing like metal, steel panels galvanized roof, clay roof tiles, timber surface, concrete and masonry surfaces.

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  • FLEXTORCH (Mineral Membrane)

    It is modified asphalt membrane with better aging characteristic and higher resistance to cold and high temperature. It is reinforced with a non-woven polyester mat which stretches up to 30%. This feature allows the membrane accommodate thermal shocks and excessive roof movements. The top layer which is exposed to the sun is treated with fine sand for the sanded finish with small colored granules for the mineral finish. Quick, simple and only one layer is required. The available colors are: green, red, gray colored granules.

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  • FLEXTORCH (Mineral Design Membrane)

    represents a premium product with unique mineral color patterns. With FLEXTORCH (MINERAL DESIGN), low slope and pitched roofs may be enhanced by designs of various contrasting colors, while providing excellent waterproofing qualities.

    FLEXTORCH (MINERAL DESIGN) is a modified bitumen membrane, that is self-protected with ceramic coated roofing granules. Using colored roofing granules in conjunction with a registered patent for the design application, numerous designs and color combinations are available foe aesthetically pleasing roof applications.

    FLEXTORCH (MINERAL DESIGN) is a waterproofing membrane manufactured to the highest quality standards and will serve as a long-lasting waterproofing product, offering design and color to the finished roof.

    The advanced technical design, with a new composite reinforcement used in the manufacture of FLEXTORCH (MINERAL DESIGN), offers protection from harmful dimensional stability problems. FLEXTORCH (MINERAL DESIGN'S) triple reinforcement spun bond polyester membrane will not warp or buckle, shrink or wrinkle.

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  • FLEXCOAT R-2002 G (Self Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane)

    Cold applied, self adhesive, SBS modified bituminous sheet with high tack resins and triple laminated high density polyethylene film on the top surface which gives the membrane excellent adherence and excellent mechanical strength. It is fully bonded recognized as the surest and most rational sealing form against water under pressure and proof to weather and atmospheric influences, ideal for below grade waterproofing structural concrete like basement, foundations, retaining walls, ground slabs, beam tunnels, reinforced concrete roofs and lift pits.

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